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I like to define myself as a coach for perfectly imperfect people, a coach for people aware of the fact that we are constantly challenged, and that there are huge opportunities for growth in this process.

I am intuitive, welcoming, and optimistic. My mission is to live my life and profession with integrity, courage, and a great sense of humanity. I am in my element in situations where I create and feel intimacy, transparency, and kindness.

I conceived The Brilliant Side with the aim of creating, within companies or for private individuals, a space where people can evolve, give themselves the freedom to explore, to learn, to fly…in other words, grow as a human being. My aim is to give you the opportunity to connect to your « Brilliant Side », this side that everyone owns (yes, absolutely each and every one of us) and that gives us access to deep wisdom.

I attach great importance to professionalism. I have been trained and certified to practice coaching and co-active leadership by the The Coaches Training Institute as well as systemic coaching by the FORSC centre. I’m also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), whose ethics I endorse and respect.

Furthermore, I have Master’s degrees in International Relations from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris) and in International and Diplomatic Relations from the University of Trieste.

From the age of 17, my desire to explore has led me to study, work, and travel throughout the 5 continents. I have more than 10 years of experience in international development assistance and social economics : firstly as an aid worker and mission coordinator in Asia and Africa, then as an HR and Finance manager in Paris. I have solid skills in corporate relations and management of multilingual and multicultural teams – I bring all of these skills into my coaching.

Lastly, I have lived abroad for over 15 years, mainly in Australia, Pakistan, Zambia, Sri Lanka, and Europe. I work in French, English and Italian on a daily basis.

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