Coaching means supporting a person through deep listening, an immense curiosity and a stimulating, straightforward interaction.

The coaching relationship allows clients to develop their individual capacities, widen their horizon of possibilities and take action. Clients work towards their goals with the knowledge that they are the actors in, and not the spectators of, their journey.

While training and consulting focus on external knowledge and skills, coaching is ultimately about personal and professional development, of the whole person. Coaching is not linked to the overall goal, but to our motivation and the capacities we use to achieve it.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for more fulfillment, to find a new job, or to become an astronaut, coaching will help you to find your path, tap into your resources, and overcome the most important barrier: your inhibitions.

We are specialized in face-to-face and telephone coaching. While the communication channel is different, the work done with your coach and the goals that you can meet are alike. So, don’t let distance prevent you from achieving your objectives and dreams!

How coaching supports clients

Clients receive support:

  • to define stimulating goals
  • to connect with their deep aspirations
  • by gaining access to new perspectives
  • to identify their needs and their state of mind
  • by moving to action and learning from their experience

Benefits of working with a coach:

Here are some of the benefits of working with a coach:

  • become aware of what is most important to you
  • identify your personal barriers in order to overcome them
  • (re)connect with your deep aspirations
  • make conscious and responsible choices
  • develop your leadership skills

The clients’ areas of expertise

  • Their life
  • What is really important for them
  • Their passions and frustrations
  • Choices and actions that they feel will bring fulfillment

The coach’s areas of expertise

  • A method that allows clients to connect to their true aspirations
  • Creates a space for transformation
  • Absolute trust in the client
  • Welcomes the clients’ complexity in an empathetic and non judgmental manner
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