One-to-one coaching

A one-to-one coaching program can be requested by an individual privately or via the organization they work for, in a professional context. It offers coachees an opportunity to develop their inner resources and overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals. Each coaching journey is then unique, responding to the coachee’s specific needs.

We are specialized in face-to-face and telephone coaching. Don’t let distance be an excuse not to move forward in your life and career!

Our one-to-one programs

Employee coaching

Employee coaching

This program takes place in a corporate context, it allows employees to develop their individual skills in the work environment, to fully contribute to the company objectives.

Private individual coaching

Private individual coaching

This program brings clarity in relation to important choices. The coachees connect with their true motivation and put concrete actions into place to make their dreams come true.

Coaching and mentoring for coaches

Coaching and mentoring for coaches

This program allows the future coaches to find their correct positioning and develop their own vision of the practice, all whilst overcoming the inhibitions we are all faced with as coaches.

What a one-to-one coaching program looks like

  • A free 45-minute trial session allows the client and the coach to decide whether they can work well together.

  • A 2 hour discovery session marks the beginning of the coaching program. Time is spent on creating a solid working relationship, defining the clients’ goals, and unearthing their intrinsic resources.

  • A 60 minute session then takes place approximately every 2 weeks. The client decides which subjects to tackle. The coach and the client explore the direction in which the client would like to move and the actions that will make the change a reality.

  • We request an initial 8 session commitment. It is then the clients who decide when to terminate their coaching journey, according to their goals and results.

The benefits of one-to-one coaching

  • Organizations: support your employees in fully developing their professional skills or reach more senior positions

  • Private individuals: find the path that feels right for you, personally or professionally

  • Coaches in training: make use of the entire array of your capacities for this new profession

  • University students:  develop the tools that will help find your career path,  the one that is right for you.

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