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Team and group coaching

Every team has their own dynamics: their synergies, their balance, their barriers, and a collective intelligence. « Group » and « team » entities go above and beyond the sum of the individuals that they are composed of.

Team and group coaching helps the group find just the right balance in order to achieve common goals. It reveals the resources that will help the group move forward, overcoming its barriers. Individual group members become aware of the resources available in the team and can measure the impact of their contribution.

Our collective missions can be adapted to the needs of each team.

Our collective programs

Team coaching

Team coaching

This program encourages a team to come together through common goals, and highlights the resources that help the team move forward, overcoming its barriers.

Group coaching

Group coaching

This program creates an environment where group members can define clear and effective working rules, whilst expressing their individual and collective needs.

The benefits of team and group coaching

  • Organizations: help your teams achieve better results

  • Work groups: discover and develop your synergies and define your shared vision

  • Universities : create an innovative learning environment which promotes growth and co-creation

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