Giulio Tamacoldi, certified professional coach Founder of The Brilliant Side

Giulio Tamacoldi, certified professional coach – Founder of The Brilliant Side

The Brilliant Side

The Brilliant Side offers you personalized coaching, face-to-face or over the telephone.

We help you define your goals and develop the personal and team resources that will allow these goals to be met.

While training and consulting bring external knowledge and skills, coaching develops each individual person’s innate capacities. Our approach is person centered, and explores all the wealth and complexity that comes with each human being.

Our specialty: connect you to your uniqueness, to your « Brilliant Side ».

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Are you ready to bring radical change to your life or to give your career a new direction? Discover how coaching can help you.

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Whether you are an organization, a private individual or training to be a coach, our coaching services cater to your specific needs.

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Individual coaching, team workshops, mentoring of coaches, leadership programs: here’s what we can do together!

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  • to develop their employees’ leadership
  • support in facilitating change management
  • support for their teams during a transition period

Private individuals


  • to follow their deep aspirations
  • to define a career path that is right for them
  • support during a turning point in their life

Coaches in training


  • further develop their skills and expand their toolbox
  • knock down their own barriers
  • discover and develop their own style of coaching

Giulio TAMACOLDI, founder of The Brilliant Side
Certified professional coach, CPCC, ORSC, ICF member, Master’s degree from Sciences Po

I like to define myself as a coach for perfectly imperfect people, a coach for people that have an awareness of the fact that we are constantly changing, and that there are huge opportunities for growth in this process.

I conceived The Brilliant Side with the aim of creating, within companies or private individuals, a space where people can evolve, give themselves the freedom to explore, to learn, to fly…in other words, grow as a human being. My aim is to give you the opportunity to connect you to your « Brilliant Side », this side that everyone owns (yes, absolutely each and every one of us) and that gives us access to deep wisdom.

Era da anni che non stavo così bene. Positiva, entusiasta, cosciente di quello che sono, lucida, integra. Felice.

Giulio mi ha dato la mano lungo questo percorso, è stato un compagno di viaggio attento, scrupoloso, divertente, paziente e sincero.

Ho condiviso con lui gioie, lacrime, euforia, ricordi che pesano e i miei demoni ci hanno fatto visita. È stato come costruire una relazione di fiducia e di rispetto condividendo tutto questo, senza averne vergogna. Mi sono sentita libera di esprimermi. Giulio non giudica. Ascolta, riflette. Riesce a vedere con i tuoi occhi ma con un’altra energia, un altro punto di vista e sa come farli entrambi tuoi.

Valentina Maino, Project manager, Business developer

Nous avons collaboré et collaborons régulièrement avec Giulio dans le cadre de séminaires de Leadership dispensés dans plusieurs grandes Ecoles de commerce de Paris.

Au delà de ses capacités extrinsèques, Giulio est, pour nous, un homme de challenge, courageux, aligné et avec des valeurs qui correspondent à notre mission. Nous recommandons fortement Giulio à qui voudra s’entourer d’une personne de rigueur et d’un humaniste ouvert et éclairé.

Karine et Grégory Drivet, Coachs professionnels, Fondateurs d'UniqPeople

Coaching with Giulio was a precious opportunity to work on greatly improving many aspects of my life. The rigour and precision with which he helped me explore different areas of my work and personal life enabled me to see everything more clearly and understand some crucial issues which I had not previously addressed. The process was very enjoyable, and although occasionally challenging, always rewarding.

I gained a renewed focus and clarity regarding my life purpose, feeling more fulfilled professionally and more joyful and grateful in my personal life. It has proven to be a very empowering process, which in turn has boosted my confidence and sense of self-worth and which helps me to choose which projects I want to be involved in, without doubt or ambiguity.

John S., Award-winning Musician, Songwriter & Producer